Magnificent Seven: Poop Right – Decrease Cancer Risk

Physicians Nicholas Petrakis and Eileen King published their findings in Lancetthat women who had two or fewer bowel movements per week have 4 times the risk of breast disease (malignant or benign) as women who have one or more bowel movements every day.  Constipation has a profound increased risk of colon cancer associated with it.  Consider the Miyagi Cohort Study.

Now these statements may seem controversial to some.  Just using some common sense, however, would allow you to see that holding onto toxic materials for longer than designed would have long term adverse consequences.  Health begins and ends in the gut.

Chronic constipation causes an imbalance in the good microflora (bacteria that live in your gut) and replace with species that produce an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase.  Big deal, huh?  Well it is a big deal when you know that beta-glucuronidase cleaves the estrogen bonds of old discarded estrogens that are meant for elimination from the body.  When these estrogens aren’t removed and are liberated they are free to travel back up to the liver through enterohepatic recirculation.  This places increased undue toxic stress on the liver and gastrointestinal system.  Abnormal metabolism of estrogen giving an undesirable 2:16 ratio increases risk of breast cancer.

So the moral of the story?  Follow the Magnificent Seven and poop right.

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