Magnificent Seven: Move Right – How Much?

How much exercise is needed to experience health benefits?  Now I am taking for granted that everyone understands that different exercise intensity and forms will produce different results.  It really depends on what you are desiring.  Whether that be weight loss, increased tone or building muscle bulk, it will depend on how you structure your daily routine.  With that being said, we want to highlight what is necessary to experience improved health overall and have the benefits of exercise as a foundation to general health.  You will find that it’s not as hard as you might think.

So stop dreading endless, sweaty hours at the gym.  Numerous studies have shown that non-vigorous exercise, such as moderate brisk walking for 30-60 minutes, can confer health benefits similar to those gained from more vigorous activities such as running.  Two things are important to keep these benefits obtainable.

  1. The total number of calories burned per week is similar
  2. You get your heart rate up to at least 50% of its maximum capacity and keep it there for the duration of the exercise.

The benefits of exercise only last as long as you make it a regular part of your life.  It needs to be a part of your daily lifestyle.  That is why diets fail.  People go on a diet, lose 10-15 pounds, and then go right back to the poor dietary choices that lead them to have weight issues in the first place.  The same holds true for exercise.  It must be constantly maintained.  That is why it is important to select activities that you enjoy doing and can commit to them long-term.

You may be frustrated with your lack of desire for exercise.  Let’s face it most people aren’t exercise fanatics.  Give yourself 45 days to develop a new habit.  Track your progress, monitor your results and see how well you feel in six short weeks.  It’s worth it and you can start now with small changes!

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