Magnificent Seven: Drink Right – Is Your Water Clean?

You just got in from outside.  Working up a thirst on one of these amazing warm mid-October days that are a rarity in North Dakota.  You’re thirsty and what could quench your thirst better than a good helping of rocket fuel?  You grab your glass from the cupboard.  Maybe you’d prefer a little herbicide, atrazine, added to the mix for a little added kick.  You turn the cold water tap on.  You also know that your neighbor suffers with high blood pressure and hormone imbalances, so why not add a little of their medication support for you too?  You fill your glass and enjoy.  Sound crazy?  That is exactly what happens when you draw your water from the tap.

Remnants of everything in your (and your neighbors too) medicine cabinet can be found in your drinking water.  The Environmental Working Group has volumes of information regarding perchlorate…yes, rocket fuel…contamination in drinking water.  Perchlorate is known to cause thyroid issues and birth defects.  It leads to abnormal brain development in fetus development, in newborns and in infants.  Yet it is found in toxic quantities in drinking water and baby formulas.

Hormonal residues are found in municipal water supplies and these by-products aren’t removed from the municipal water supply, to your tap water, to your drinking glass.  In a northwestern Ontario lake similar concentrations of hormone residues that we are exposed to in drinking water were found to arrest testicular development in fish.  Endocrine disrupting compounds are also found in drinking water and have been linked to early-onset puberty in young girls…some as young as six years old!

Atrazine, one of the most commonly used herbicides has been shown to negatively affect fish reproduction and spawning.  It has been linked to infertility in couples due to causing decreased sperm count in men.

All of this, and more, is found in your drinking water.  Scary, huh?  The importance of proper hydration is paramount.  We have already looked at the negative side effects of being dehydrated.  A simple Google search will reveal more information about your water and water safety.  The case should be settled in your mind, however, that tap water is contaminated.  Steps must be taken to avoid ingesting these contaminants and protecting yourself from their deleterious side effects.

Want to know what is in your water?  Go to the EWG site for more info.  For example, in Bismarck, there are 9 chemicals that exceed the health guidelines…including lead.

In the next post we will talk about the different ways to ensure your water is as clean as possible before drinking.

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