Are You Starving Your Gut?

Have you ever had a pet?  Maybe a hamster…or a guinea pig…or a dog?  You know that to keep them healthy you have to feed them appropriately.

You understand that in order for you to be healthy…you have to eat healthy.

But did you know that you need to properly feed the good bacteria in your gut?  They require proper nutrients and food sources to keep them healthy and vital.  If you eat the Standard American Diet (the acronym SAD works here because it is a SAD diet) then you are starving your gut!

What you eat directly impacts the health of your gut. Without proper nutrients your good gut bacteria cannot live and cannot confer their health benefits to you.

Our Standard American Diet consists of foods that promote inflammation, degeneration and gut dysfunction.  It is a diet that is high in sugar, low in fiber, and high in unhealthy fats.  This not only places tremendous stress on the digestive function, but it also limits nutrients to you…and your good gut bacteria.  

If you are a man you should be getting upwards of 35 grams of fiber each day, and for women this level is 25 grams daily.  You should use both soluble and insoluble fiber since the soluble fiber is great for feeding the good bacteria and the insoluble fiber helps with bowel transit.  By ensuring proper transit through your digestive tract you can eliminate the possibility of food staying too long in your digestive tract and literally rotting. 

Prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS), arabinogalactans, green tea and cinnamon all have beneficial effects on feeding your good gut bacteria.  FOS is found in foods like chicory, asparagus, and onions.  Increasing these foods in your diet can be very helpful in keeping your gut bacteria balanced.  

Green tea can be ingested by drinking brewed green tea each day.  You want to avoid the sugar-free, diet green teas that are on the market because they are laden with artificial sweeteners…which are actually detrimental to good gut bacteria.  You can also supplement green tea extract if desired.

One product that I use in my office, and we use at home because it tastes great, is Endefen.  This product contains arabinogalactans, cinnamon, green tea, soy lecithin, plantain, astaxanthin, D-mannose and apple fruit powder.  These ingredients, when combined together, make a powerful fuel source for your good gut bacteria.  You can take this plain (it has a nice apple-cinnamon) flavor, or mix it in a daily health smoothie.  This product combined with a good probiotic and an elimination diet is a great way to rebalance the gut and eliminate many unwanted gastrointestinal symptoms.

So as you are investigating the underlying problems to your digestive complaints you need to consider what you are giving your gut bacteria to eat.  Incorporating the foods and supplements we mentioned here can set you back on the track towards wellness. 


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