Are You Setting Yourself Up for Disaster?

Planning.  Preparation.  Interventions.  Precautions.  We all do our best to take the necessary steps to make sure our life’s events flow smoothly.  No planning can prevent some of life’s curve balls, but the better prepared we are, the better able we are able to weather the storms.

The stronger you are going into a storm, the stronger you will be coming out.

You take the time to back up your computer files.  You pay your home insurance premiums each month.  You make necessary maintenance repairs on your home and vehicles to keep things working right.  You protect your valuables in fireproof safes.  You archive all of your treasured family photos.  You have thought of everything…right?

What if I asked you what you are doing about your adrenals.  Do you even know what they are?  Do you even know what they do?  Do you even know how to see if they are working right?  Probably not.  Most people don’t go around each day wondering about their adrenals, but as they face life’s stressors day in and day out the adrenal glands are taking a beating.

Your adrenal glands handle ALL of the stressors you face by balancing out the appropriate stress related hormones.  When this system works well you are healthy, pain-free, and clear thinking.  When they are not working, or are burned out, you are facing disaster.

Are you facing any of these adrenal stressors?

  • Emotional triggers (anger, fear, worry, anxiety, guilt)
  • Depression
  • Overwork (physical or mental strain)
  • Late hours / insufficient sleep
  • Chronic, severe or prolonged infections
  • Surgery
  • Trauma / injury
  • Excessive exercise
  • Temperature extremes (Yes, ND counts as temperature extremes!)
  • Toxic exposure
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic illness
  • Chronic / severe allergies
  • Light cycle disruption (awake at night, asleep during the day)

If you are facing any of these stressors, yet you can’t answer the question, “How are your adrenals doing?” Then you are setting yourself up for disaster in the future.

This week we will be discussing signs and symptoms of adrenal stress, ways to measure the function of your adrenal system, and tips you can use to help heal an abnormal stress response.   I’d love to see your comments and questions during this week of posts.

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