7 Tips for A Better Foundation to Health

Remember your days as a child?  I have three children ranging in ages from 13 months to 6 years and I have noticed something about them as I observe them play.  When my 6-year-old started building blocks he would take his “ABC” blocks and stack them on the unstable surface of the carpet one on top of another.  This created an obvious problem, the foundation was too small, the flooring to unsteady, and his little hands too wobbly to really build anything higher than four or five blocks.

As he got older, however, he began to realize the importance of a solid foundation.  No longer would he attempt to build on the carpeted flooring of the living room, but would move to the wood flooring of the kitchen.  He would also build a broader base understanding that a narrow base was less stable.  I’m proud to say he turned into quite the block builder and has since moved onto to creating works of art out of Legos.  The lesson here is simple…we must have a broad, solid foundation on which to build optimal health and wellness.

The singular block of the drug care model just doesn’t work.  Expanding the base with diet and lifestyle changes, stress management, clinically proven detoxification programs, blood sugar management and decreasing inflammation have provided a broader foundation for which to build a solid life.  How do you start building that broader foundation?  Start with 7 easy principles that I refer to as the Magnificent Seven Lifestyle.  Each and every day you need to do the following and work on any areas of short-coming:

  1. Eat Right
  2. Drink Right
  3. Move Right
  4. Sleep Right
  5. Talk Right
  6. Think Right
  7. Poop Right

I dedicated 49 posts to helping you understand the Magnificent Seven Lifestyle.  It is a vital component to a strong foundation.  Take a look at the blocks of your life you are trying to stack.

What can you do, starting today, to starting building a broader foundation?

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