Magnificent Seven: Drink Right – Tips

We are wrapping up the “Drink Right” portion of the Magnificent Seven series.  Hopefully you have taken away that you need to drink plenty of pure, filtered,  and clean water.  I want to leave you with just a few tips on how you can increase your daily water intake and begin to feel the effects of improved hydration.

  • Purchase a stainless steel water bottle (or a plastic that is BPA free) to carry with you each day.  Calculate how many bottle refills you will need to meet your water requirements.
  • Sip your water throughout the day.
  • At the minimum, purchase a carbon-filter pitcher that can be set on your kitchen counter.  Use this for drinking and cooking.
  • Make sure you are drinking before you experience thirst…once you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.
  • Start children young on the benefits of water consumption.  Avoid the high sugar fruit drinks, soda water and other drinks with detrimental effects and give them water.
  • Add some lemon, lime or orange slices to your water.  This will add some antioxidant protection and give the water a great flavor.
  • Order water with your meals when eating out and avoid ordering soda water.  Many restaurants now have commercial filtration systems for their patrons.  If you’re not sure, just ask them.  If they don’t consider purchasing a bottle of water and encourage them to install a water filtration system.

Everything that passes your lips has an impact on your health.  By eating right and drinking right you can have a profound positive influence on your health!

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