Our Fees

We accept most major insurance companies and are participating providers with Blue Cross / Blue Shield of North Dakota.  We also accept Worker’s Compensation and Auto/PI.

All functional neurological examinations,  chiropractic examinations, adjustments, therapies and spinal rehabilitation are submitted to your primary insurance provider.  A co-pay is required at each visit.  (Medicare does not cover examination, modalities, rehabilitation, etc)

You may choose to contact your insurance provider to find out your plan benefits and coverage prior to coming to our office.  If you need help doing this please call our office.

All clinical nutrition services, wellness labs, and special diagnostic labs are not submitted to insurance and are patient responsibility.  Our current fees are as follows: (please note these are subject to change without notice)

  • Clinical Nutrition Counseling – $55/ 15minutes.
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis u0026amp; Functional Assessment  – $30
  • Lab Testing – Pricing varies on testing.  We have negotiated very low fees for most blood panels which are able to save you anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars.  We only order testing that is required to identify what is wrong with you and the best way to treat you.
We are asked on many occasions how much the first visit will cost.  This is highly dependent on your presenting complaint, the level of examination performed, and whether or not you receive any additional treatment or services.  This is case-by-case specific.  Our fees are established by what is usual and customary for our region and established by our participating contract with Blue Cross / Blue Shield of North Dakota.  In other words, we bill appropriately for what we do and the fees you are charged would be the same anywhere else.

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