Every culture, for centuries, has some technique used to cleanse the body.  Practitioners of early healing traditions recognized the importance of resetting some of the body’s major systems.  They found that re-establishing health, especially in the digestive system, was integral to life.

Today we are exposed to a rapidly increasing attack on our health by toxins.  Our diet and environment bombard us with greater and greater demands.  However, our body’s ability to handle the load hasn’t accelerated at the same pace as our exposure.  Our world has changed dramatically, but our bodies and genetics have not.  Common symptoms you are familiar with such as headaches, bowel irregularities, allergies, weight problems, depression, anxiety and pain are largely the result of failing detox systems.

In his book Clean, Dr. Alejandro Junger provides three easy-to-understand concepts regarding the need for detoxification support.

  1. Toxins and stress create obstacles for the normal functioning and self-healing capabilities of our bodies.

  2. Modern eating habits and lifestyles pollute our bodies and don’t provide the nutrients necessary for them to function at optimum levels.

  3. By removing the obstacles and providing what is lacking, our bodies bounce back into health, energy is restored, and we begin to look and feel our best.

One of the pillars of our Restore philosophy is the importance of proper cleansing.  We help guide you through safe, clinically-effective, and scientifically-proven methods of cleansing your body.  It is important to work with a practitioner that understands the importance of properly sequencing a cleanse program designed specifically for you.  Failure to do so can lead to increased negative side effects, poor clinical outcome and dissatisfaction.

The step-wise fashion we use in our office is designed to limit and reduce the amount of side effects you experience.  There are certain things you must ensure first before initiating a cleansing program.  You wouldn’t put your shoes on before your socks…so there are steps you must take first when cleansing.  Think about it like baking a cake.  The quality of the ingredients you use, the method of preparation and the proper sequencing of steps gives you the greatest chance of a successful outcome…in this case a great tasting cake!

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Additional Resources and Recommended Reading 
(1) Environmental Working Group –
(2) Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger
(3) Detoxification and Healing by Dr. Sidney Baker

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