Your brain seeks balance.  Your body seeks balance.  Your hormones seek balance.  Balance is essential for health.  When considering balance we evaluate your hormones, neurotransmitter function, inflammatory cascade, and oxidative stress.  Imbalances in these areas leave you suffering and unable to function at your optimal level.

I have found that the most important hormones to assess and treat initially are cortisol (and DHEA), insulin and thyroid hormones.  When these three work together and work properly your other hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, FSH and LH tend to balance themselves out.  A stressed-out lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, or endocrine disruptors from toxins can all throw the delicate balance of your hormones off.

In my opinion, the balance of stress hormones play a major role in the overall balance of your body.  Stress imbalances can lead to altered neurotransmitter function and depression, it can lead to elevated inflammation and pain, and it can lead to higher oxidative stress and damage your cells.

One of the most valuable tests used in my office is the Adrenal Stress Index which evaluates the levels of stress hormones and insulin.  You should also consider a comprehensive thyroid profile.  Don’t be lead to believe that a TSH is the only marker you need to assess your thyroid status.  We know there are six primary types of hypothyroidism.  We also know that autoimmune thyroid disease is very prevalent, but antibodies are not checked as part of a routine thyroid profile because of insurance reimbursement restrictions.

We can help you regain your balance.  You can schedule an appointment to visit us in our office, or if you are out-of-state, you may consider ordering an Adrenal Stress Index and allowing us to be your health coach with ideas on how to balance any imbalances.

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