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Are You Loving Life?

Are you loving life? Are you making the most out of each day? Are you pursuing your passions, pleasure and calling each day? Or... Is your health holding you back? Is your poor energy restricting your dreams? Is your aching body hampering your quality of life? I wonder if you would be bold enough to write down just three areas of health that are … [Read More...]

Kids are growing and they are exposed to a lot!  A good multivitamin can protect them against micronutrient deficiencies.

Do Kids Need A Multivitamin?

Does your child take a multiple vitamin?  Does your child need to take a multiple vitamin?  I recently read a brief article in the Parenting magazine written by … [Read More...]

Poor sleeping habits leads to higher inflammation and increased risk of chronic disease.

Trouble Sleeping?

Sleeping right is a key element to the Magnificent Seven Lifestyle.  Unfortunately, for many this important task is often a difficult one.  Every day I talk to patients who have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or being tired each morning no matter how … [Read More...]

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Tracie Has Improved Knee Pain After Only Two Days

Tracie lives an active life each day and one of her favorite past times is roller derby.  As you can imagine she deals with some bumps and bruises along the way.  She recently dealt with a significant right knee injury and was having quite a bit of pain.  She … [Read More...]