It is possible to nourish your way back to good health.  When you give your body the basic building blocks for proper function, you can then begin the healing process.  Our current lifestyle and diet places us in a state of malnutrition.  There is an epidemic rise in obesity and osteoporosis.  Both of these are indicators of a malnourished state.

Contrary to what you may hear…it’s not possible to get everything you need from diet alone.  You must supplement wisely!  In cases of acute or chronic illnesses, more nutrient building blocks are required than what is necessary to simply maintain health.

With a simple diet history, evaluation of your body composition, a physical examination, and basic blood testing, it is possible to determine your current nutritional status.  By knowing your starting point you are able to set realistic and achievable goals.  From this starting point each re-evaluation serves as an indicator of how you are doing in meeting your health goals.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build more lean muscle, sleep better, or have better moods…proper nourishment of you and every single cell in your body is critical!

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