Clinical Nutrition Laboratory Evaluation

Thank you for considering the services of LEC to help you improve your health and wellness.  By looking at your individual biochemistry we can establish a very specific care plan to help you feel better…faster.  Please watch the informational video below where we show you the tests provided for our initial clinical nutrition options.  Our current fee schedule for these options is below the video.

Current Fee Schedule 

To get started with clinical nutrition services in our office you will need to schedule an initial comprehensive biochemical evaluation.  This visit is a one hour appointment scheduled exclusively for you.  This visit requires a first morning urine sample and overnight fast.

Services included at this one hour evaluation include:

  • Medical Symptoms Review
  • Metabolic Assessment
  • Stress Identity Assessment
  • Stomach Acid Functional Assessment
  • Acid-Alkaline pH Tracking
  • Body Composition Testing with BIA
  • Full Integra Profile
  • Cholesterol profile with fasting glucose
  • Liver enzyme assessment
  • Hemoglobin A1c to check for diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Organ assessment using a complete neurolymphatic reflex exam
  • Low level laser therapy evaluation

The fee for this comprehensive one hour evaluation is $360 and requires payment at time of service.

We offer an extensive array of other blood, saliva, hormone, and stool tests that are priced at significant discounts.  If additional testing is necessary, or if you would like to request a more comprehensive blood chemistry evaluation, our current fees can be provided for you.

These services (clinical nutrition consultations, labs, BIAs, etc) are only available on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and by appointment only.

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