Functional Neurology

Your brain controls everything, and I mean everything!  From the thoughts you think, heart rate, digestion, movements, hormone control and reproduction…your brain serves as the relay station.  It is constantly receiving information from your environment from specialized receptors all over your body.  The most important receptors are the mechanoreceptors found in the joints of your head, neck, spine and extremities.

Your brain will process the information coming in and will choose what information comes out.  Your brain “chooses” what is important for you to be aware of.  Most of this is done without you even knowing it is happening.  Your brain is designed to work in synchrony and harmony.  Failure of this harmony leads to an imbalance between the two halves of your brain.  This can lead to altered motor output.  What does that mean?  It means your movements can become abnormal.  All motor outputs are the result of brain function.  Guess what?  That doesn’t just mean your ability to walk, run, and catch a football.  Behavior is a motor output.  Your thoughts are motor outputs.  Your emotions are motor outputs.  Your ability to learn are motor outputs.

The more balanced your brain, the more balanced your health.  As a matter of fact an imbalanced brain can lead to poor muscle tone which over time affects your joints, ligaments and tendons leading towards a chronic pain cycle.  That is how we developed our entire protocol of Stop the Pain. Balance the Brain.  This is absolutely vital for a proper functioning nervous system.

We use a comprehensive functional neurologic examination to identify which areas of your brain are not working as optimally as the should be.  We use the basic premise that your brain needs two things to survive…fuel and activation.  Fuel is the nutrients you take, the oxygen you receive and the water you drink.  We make sure you have adequate fuel with supplementation, dietary changes, proper movement of the ribs and diaphragm and instructions in cleaning up your lifestyle.  We ensure activation by providing you with specific exercises and brain balancing activities you can do in office and at home.  We understand the importance of brain balance, therefore our adjustments are specific for you.  We have objective ways to measure our progress as well.

Some Components of the Functional Neurologic Examination

  • Positional blood pressure
  • Blind spot mapping
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Cranial nerve examination
  • Optokinetic Assessment
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Myotomal Testing
  • Dermatomal Sensory Screens
  • Balance/Proprioception/Vestibular Testing and Screening
  • Eyelights Assessment
  • Cerebellar Testing
  • Gait Assessment

You can be assured our evaluation of you and your condition will be a much more thorough assessment than you are accustomed to receiving in the extremely brief medical appointments or other care you may have received.

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