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We live in a stressed, toxic and malnourished society.  The clinical nutrition services offered at the Life Enhancement Clinic help to bridge the gap between the health of your individual cells and the health of your overall body.  If the 100 trillion cells of your body are not healthy, then you cannot be healthy.  By removing the obstacles that are negatively impacting your health you can find relief from many of the symptoms that you have been suffering with for a long time.

Many people suffer with a range of symptoms that only leave them frustrated after pursuing help from the conventional medicine model.  They are told that there is nothing wrong with them, their labs are normal, this is just a “normal” part of aging.  This isn’t true.  However, the model of medicine currently being used today is broken and flawed.  It does not address the unique needs of an individual and does not consider the global functioning of the whole body.  Clinical nutrition addresses these medical short-comings.

                               The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Huang Dee Nai-Chan 2600 BC)

By looking at function we can evaluate you before disease becomes evident.  We are trained in assessing your early risk markers and identifying dysfunction.  This is important because dysfunction precedes disease.  Wouldn’t you rather get off the path you are travelling before it takes you to overt disease?  By using a systems approach to our evaluation we can identify where your obstacles are.  Quite simply we can use a Get.Rid. Principle.  We can get you the things your body needs to heal itself and rid you of the things stealing your health.  We have identified 13 major factors of “dis-ease” that should be evaluated and managed for you to have optimal health.

13 Factors of Dis-Ease

  1. Stress
  2. Blood Sugars
  3. Oxidative Stress
  4. Hormone / Neurotransmitter Imbalances
  5. Structural Dysfunction
  6. Toxins
  7. Food Reactions
  8. Inflammation
  9. Immune / Infection Burden
  10. Heavy Metals
  11. Digestion
  12. Methylation
  13. Mitochondria

We have grouped these 13 factors into three major categories: Stress, Toxins u0026amp; Malnutrition.  The answer to these problems is to Cleanse, Nourish, and Balance your body and we can help you with that.

Through comprehensive assessment using objective questionnaires, blood testing and specialized functional tests using saliva, urine and stool, it is possible to get at the root cause of your problem.  You can then treat the root cause and stop treating just the symptoms.

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