Chiropractic Care

Manipulation of the spine is a powerful influencer of health and well-being.  Your spinal column is more than just a column of bones intended to protect your spinal cord.  It is made of a series of intricate interconnections and joints.  It is bound together with capsules, ligaments, tendons and muscles.  It is from these building blocks that signals to your brain are provided.

A properly moving spine can mean:

  • freedom from chronic headaches
  • resolution of dizziness and lightheadedness
  • elimination of neck pain, midback pain and lower back pain
  • improved mobility of the body

But a properly moving spine is much more than just back pain relief.  It can also mean:

  • better sports performance
  • improved cognition and memory
  • stronger immune function
  • better balance and agility
  • stronger muscles
  • slower aging

At the Life Enhancement Clinic we can show you how it is possible to achieve goals like this with chiropractic care.  Every day more and more research is published showing the benefit of chiropractic manipulation, especially when it is joined with a healthy lifestyle, anti-inflammatory diet, and proper spinal rehabilitation.

We use a variety of adjusting techniques to address your individual needs.  These include:

  • Cranial manipulation
  • TMJ manipulation
  • Manual Diversified Technique
  • Activator Technique
  • Pelvic Blocking
  • Thompson Drop Technique
  • SOT
  • Applied Kinesiology

You don’t have to suffer.  Chiropractic care can address your underlying needs and restore balance to your spine and your health.

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