3 Action Steps for Health

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We already mentioned that to stop the pain, you must balance the brain.  Let me show you three major action steps you need to restore your health.  This is part of my Restore Triad of Health that we developed as part of our Stop the Pain – Balance the Brain program.
Stop the Pain. Balance the Brain.


Chronic pain, neuromusculoskeletal complaints, joint degeneration, headaches, etc all have a component to them that requires a cleansing to alleviate the symptoms.  For example, when you are injured your body becomes burdened with the debris and metabolic by-products of inflammation and tissue damage.  To heal the soft tissues you need to cleanse the area.

Think about what happens when you cut your finger.  There is tissue damage and pain.  You run to thoroughly cleanse the area and you provide some TLC until the wound is healed.  What happens when that injury is inside you and you can’t put a band-aid on it?  You still need to cleanse the area and give TLC until the wound heals, but the approach is different.  Instead of a band-aid you get adjusted, instead of rinsing in water you take some healing enzymes, and instead of ointment you receive some specific muscle and lymphatic treatments.

Also, we are surrounded by a sea of toxins in our air, water and food supply.  We are exposed to toxins every day and increased toxin exposure has been shown to not only increase your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, but it can also cause you chronic pain.  So cleansing is an important action step for brain balancing and body health.


Have you ever gone to a building site where they were constructing a beautiful new home?  Did you ever visit a job site where there were no building materials lying around to get the job done?  Of course not.  How could the framer build the walls with no nails or no lumber? How could the window installer place that beautiful bay window with no materials?  You can’t build something out of nothing!

This means you can’t build health out of nothing either.  If you are deficient in ANY of the necessary building materials to heal your body then you will continue to suffer.  The body isn’t designed to take short cuts or just rig something together with duct tape.  It’s designed to have what it needs, when it needs it.  Unfortunately, our daily lifestyle and dietary habits create more deficiencies than building blocks.  We can show you how to change that.


You know you’ve done it.  You think nobody saw you do it, but you did it.  Everyone has…who can blame you?

You are visiting a friends house and as you walk through their living room you notice one of their pictures is askew.  It bugs you right?  Why does it bug you?  Because it has no balance and we are designed to have balance.  So you walk up to the picture and without a big production you simply adjust the picture slightly to restore balance.

Do you know what one of the most important jobs of your head is?  It is to hold your eyes level and on balance with the horizon.  Doesn’t seem so important does it?  Try walking with your head tipped all the way to the side next time you are at the mall and see how important balance is.  We learned about balance at a young age as we made that giant leap from tricycle, to bike with training wheels, to no training wheels.  We learned quickly the importance of proper balance and the pain associated with imbalance.

That same pain of imbalance can affect you if your spine is not in proper alignment, your body doesn’t move right, or your hormones are all out of whack because of the chronic stress response in your life.  What you need is balance.  We are trained to identify imbalances and then give the gentle nudges required to put you back on the bike seat and in balance.

In the next section I will show you the 13 Factors of Dis-ease that affect us in over 80% of all health care problems that come to our clinic.

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