Three Lessons American Airlines Taught Me About My Health

american airline

I recently saw a behind the scenes look at American Airlines.  This business documentary was designed to look at the areas of American Airlines that the public never sees.  From the union work floor to the executive offices…and everything in between.  It was what American Airlines did to save money on fuel, however, that really […]

How To Do A Vitamin C Flush

Vitamin C has many immune enhancing, antiviral and detox supporting properties.

In the last post I discussed some ways to help prevent and beat colds and flu.  One of the strategies mentioned was a vitamin C flush.  In this post I want to share with you the exact things you need to do to perform a successful vitamin C flush. The vitamin C flush has many […]

7 Simple Flu Beating Strategies

Flu got you down?  There are some things you can do.

It seems as if a lot of people are ringing in the New Year by coughing, sneezing and aching.  In my office alone I have had dozens diagnosed with the dreaded “influenza A”…(cue scary music here).  The prescriptions for Tamiflu are increasing and drug companies are profiting.  Tamiflu is quite expensive and only shortens the […]

Overworked and Underpaid

Are you overworking your liver and immune system without giving anything back for payment?  Keeping this up is going to maintain your course to disease.

In this last part of the 6-part series of investigating underlying gut dysfunction, we are going to discuss the role of leaky gut and its impact on the liver and immune system. All the compounds that we ingest, breathe in, place on our skin, and produced as waste products by our body are designed to […]

Are You Starving Your Gut?

What you eat directly impacts the health of your gut.  Without proper nutrients your good gut bacteria cannot live and cannot confer their health benefits to you.

Have you ever had a pet?  Maybe a hamster…or a guinea pig…or a dog?  You know that to keep them healthy you have to feed them appropriately. You understand that in order for you to be healthy…you have to eat healthy. But did you know that you need to properly feed the good bacteria in […]

Your Gut, Our Borders and TSA Agents

Your gut is designed to appropriately filter out things that are dangerous to you and allow passage of health giving nutrients.

In the last post we discussed the concept of properly breaking down your foods with the appropriate amounts of digestive enzymes.  In the second part of this 6-part series we are going to discuss the concept of a hyperpermeable gut membrane…or leaky gut.  The ability of your gut to recognize the good versus the bad […]

Start Seeing Green

Green leafy vegetables are a great source of folic acid which helps repair your DNA.

What do you think of when you hear the word green?  Money?  Envy?  What about vegetables?  If you want to stay healthy you need to start seeing green!   Last week we picked up our first order from our local CSA.  We were able to choose from some great looking, organic, healthy green vegetables.  Spinach, […]